Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Intro About Nothing

To be discrete, today was boring. I am no stranger to the days in which you only watch the various divorce court shows because you're too lazy and the remotes too far away, or, in my particular case, the 24 hour news cycle. To those who are unfamiliar with programs such as these it's probably because you have cable. But I never had cable when I was younger, I didn't need it, nor do I yearn to have it. To me, basic television equates for a basic, simple life. And on a really good day, the monotony of the limited channel paradox will drive me to get off the couch, and do something productive. I am not proud to say today was not one of those days. No, I got up from my khaki colored couch only when I needed to use the restroom..I suppressed all other sensations.

What people don't realize about the 24 hour news cycle is that the staff just do not care about what happens, because nobody is watching. If you've ever seen the 2nd Anchorman movie or any episode of How I Met Your Mother centered around Robin, then you know what I'm talking about. Just today, an Asian reporter by the name of Kevin Young at around 2 pm did his entire segment in a foreign language. It really makes for good entertainment. If you call that entertainment at all.

Productivity at an all time high, for my tv. And I couldn't be happier. It makes me think about Seinfeld: the show that was openly about nothing. But it was good, really good. Sometimes you have to talk about nothing. Lord knows I have more than one song that is testament to that. Likewise, we need days like that. The Day About Nothing...not quite as good of a title, but a good synopsis of today. Just because there is not structure doesnt mean it wont be good.

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